For strength, lightness and added safety features, nothing surpasses Twin-Path Extra High Performance Slings. A core of high tech K-Spec fibers makes Twin-Path five times stronger than a steel sling with only 1/10 the weight and 1% stretch at rated capacity. Unsurpassed safety is provided by two separate bundles of fibers, offering backup strength even if one bundle breaks.

Additional peace of mind comes from a combination of extra safety features:

  •  “Tell-tail” indicators show at a glance if one of the strands has been damaged or overloaded

  •  Double jacketed design in contrasting colors provides an instant indication that a cover has been damaged

  •  Some models feature Covermax outer covers that provide an exceptionally high resistance to abrasion damage

  •  Fiber optic fibers woven into both Twin-Path strand bundles provide a check against overloading. If light from one end of the fiber optic cable is visible at the other end, the sling is ready for safe operation