Lifting Tongs

All four styles of Wisconsin Lifting standard below-the-hook lifting tongs are manufactured and proof tested to comply with ASTM B30.20 safety specifications.

I.D. (Inside Diameter) Lifting Tongs are used to lift material by gripping inside a hole. While providing a safe and efficient lift, I.D. tongs offer a limited range of motion.

O.D. Lifting Tongs lift an object by gripping the exterior, and are usually used on round stock

Pressure Lifting Tongs use a squeezing or pinching force to lift, and can often be used successfully when lifting objects of an irregular shape

Support Lifting Tongs are an ideal solution for materials with a constant size. Many are equipped with feet that support the load from underneath.

If a standard product won’t suit your application, a no-obligation Lifting Needs AnalysisTM allows us to suggest cost effective alternatives.

Tongs may fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use, and use only if trained in lifting procedures. Observe rated capacity. DEATH or INJURY may result from improper use or maintenance.