Lift Beams

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Lift beams and spreader beams add safety to lifting tasks by balancing and distributing the weight of a lift across multiple lift points. A complete family of beam lifting devices are available in Wisconsin Lifting’s standard selection, all proof tested to comply with ASTM B30.20 safety specifications.
  • Lift beams distribute the weight of a lift across a sturdy metal beam, allowing the use of more than one lifting point for an object that would be awkward to move in a single-point hitch. Two Point lift beams offer two load points, while Three Point lift beams and Four Point lift beams allow the use of more hooks to improve stability, accommodate the shape of a lifted item or lift more than one item at a time. Swivel hooks with hook latches are standard equipment on all Wisconsin Lifting lift beams.
  • Adjustable lift beams make the lifting of off-center loads possible through the use of a movable lift eye and movable cargo hooks. Shackles are included with all Wisconsin Lifting adjustable beams.
  • Spreader beams are a type of lift beam that uses a sling configuration to distribute the weight of a lift across a wider beam expanse. While requiring greater head room than a standard lift beam, these beams offer lighter weight and exceptional strength,
  • Adjustable spreader beams offer the option of telescopically adjusting the beam span, making it possible to set a width that best corresponds to the size and weight in the lifted object. Adjustable spreaders are available with standard chain or wire rope rigging.
  • Glass lift beams are especially designed for lifting plate glass and other sheet material, and feature positioning slots for the safe placement of slings for plates from 36” to 120” in width.
  • Roll lift beams utilize a lift beam and extended hooks to transport roll stock mounted on a center shaft. Plate or bent-bar “J” hooks are available to support any shaft diameter. Options include:
  • Hook linings of brass/bronze or plastic
  • Adjustable spreads to fit varying roll lengths
  • Bail choices include twin bails when two hoists are required and a pin bail if low headroom is an issue
  • Box beams help in the lifting of unbalanced loads by spreading the object’s weight over four balance points. Common applications include boat lifting and shipping container transport. If a standard product won’t suit your application, a no-obligation Lifting Needs AnalysisTM allows us to suggest cost effective alternatives. Click here to order one.

All types of lift beams may fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Inspect before use, and use only if trained in lifting procedures. Observe rated capacity. DEATH or INJURY may result from improper use or maintenance.